Our carefully crafted daily specials which will have you coming back Monday thru Friday, regardless of your dietary needs! Our chefs ensure a vegetarian and vegan option is available alongside that of the carnivore when preparing our daily delicacies. Or for a bit of a lighter fare we also have daily beer pairings, to be accompanied by one of Cafe Nostalgica’s many craft beers. From comfort food laganga to the international flavour of pho and fajitas, check out what the day has in store for you:

Carnivore: Beef Donair with sweet sauce
Fish: Fish Donair
Vegan: Falafel
Pairing: Beef Dip and Sleeman 
Carnivore: Chicken Fajitas
Fish: Salmon Fajitas
Vegan: Tofu Fajitas
Pairing: Philly Cheese Steak and Hopbot
Carnivore: Chicken Pho
Fish: Cod Pho
Vegan: Tofu Fajitas
Pairing: Poutine and Barking Squirrel
Carnivore: Beef Lasagna
Fisher: Fish Lasagna
Vegan: Vegetarian Lasagna
Pairing: Donair/Falafel and Moosehead
Carnivore: Pulled Pork Sandwich
Fisher: Tuna Burger
Vegan: Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich
Pairing: Boneless Buffalo Wings and PBR Tall Can