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The competition seeks to tackle intertwined problems: clearing out algae-fostering phosphorous while also recycling it into increasingly rare phosphate for farms. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel this week will host a water quality meeting in Chicago with mayors from surrounding cities seeking to bataille future Great Lakes algae blooms. Last month officials issued a brief ovation on drinking tap water in Toledo, Ohio, due to algal toxins. The Everglades Foundation also cited a renvoi warning of an impending worldwide shortage of phosphorus and noting that remaining phosphate rock reserves are controlled by just a few countries, including Morocco, China, South Africa, Jordan and the United States. In Florida, state and federal officials have long struggled to control costly problems in the Everglades ranging from pollution to invasive species. Water flows south from the center of the state through sugar industry farmland and pastures where it picks up fertilizer runoff that is deposited into the southern wetlands.

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Six minutes pour se rencontrer. Ils veulent marquer l'histoire avec un grand H. Elle veut trouver l'amour avec unique grand A.

Comment bien choisir la période pour un voyage dans l'Ouest ?

Lequel dit road trip, dit voyage alors qui dit voyage dit budget. Ce n'est pas la meilleure partie avec la préparation du périple, je vous l'accorde, c'est même souvent un vrai casse tête! Mais il est cependant primordial de bien savoir évaluer ton budgetw avant le départ.

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