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International mixed couples whereby one of the partners is from a developed country and the other one from a developing country have been the targets of social criticisms in the information as well as in the scientific literature on sex tourism. The stereotypes of the love-struck victim and the calculating seducer are often used to describe partners involved in such intimate relationships. Power inequalities—based on race, nationality and class—do exist and structure such relationships to a certain extent. However, by focusing on the emotional context of the initial intimate encounter allows us to bring out the complexity of North-South relationships. I explore their embodied experience of attachment and integration into African communities. Tout le univers veut ton numéro de téléphone. Ensemble le monde veut sortir avec toi.

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Étudier Bahia, Polydor. Cahiers des Amériques latines. Résumé - Papier ancien - Billet selon. Des sociétés par réseaux. Résumés Hexagonal Português English.

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