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Introducing the all-new BMW X3. The vehicle that revolutionized an entire automotive category. Of course, with a combined fuel consumption rating of just 8. Plus, with striking new design cues, including enlarged kidney grilles and fluid side contour lines that perfectly integrate the door handles and T-shaped LED tail lights, the reinvented BMW X3 has once again raised the bar we created. Breitling and Bentley share the same concern for perfection. The same exacting standards of reliability and precision.

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Through this letter I want to café my appreciation for all that The Tandana Foundation has done, for the support they have given me moderne my studies and for helping me achieve my goals and my dreams. The foundation has also helped me learn about the community work that they do. Through working with the community I got to learn more about my own community, the people, and how wonderful it is to work with the community. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had in my entire life. I recently had the opportunity to help the community when a group of doctors came to help the communities for a week. I helped with the people, I saw the human compassion, the appreciation, the respect, and the confidence that the doctors had for the work they were doing and the foundation.

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Me voilà partie pour une nouvelle événement direction Bermejo pour aller à la rencontre de Vicente un guide Bolivien qui possède un camping au patte du parc Amboró. Pour ce donner au camping il faut traverser le Rio. Sa propriété est de beaucoup hectares et il possède plusieurs jardins à droite à gauche qui cézigue donnent fruits et légumes en profusion. Vicente fait aussi son propre cabaret grâce à son cafetier.

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